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Download Komuso Design. Samantha | komuso customer care. According to the company, the shift was designed by a therapist who drew inspiration from japanese monks and their breathing techniques.

Review: Komuso Design The Shift necklace
Review: Komuso Design The Shift necklace from
Komuso design provides a simple and natural means of reconnecting with the self. 4.8/5 based on 1000+ reviews. Shift for her shift for him.

The weight of it, the ease of use, the ability to take it with you everywhere and use it anywhere, all of it adds up to the daily reminders we all rely on.

They embody the komuso way of life, using teachings from japan's edo period to spread. They used a bamboo 'shakuhachi' flute as a healing modality and a method of attaining enlightenment. Inspired by monks and driven by. It helps control your breathing by slowing down your exhales, allowing your body and mind to relax.