37+ What Is A Design Brief

37+ What Is A Design Brief. Once you've reached this step, take the time to send over your brief to the client, at the very least for their review and verbal approval. A design brief is an essential document that guides the course of project design in vital design fields (environmental design, web/graphic design/communication, architecture, product design, fashion design, architecture, interior design, jewelry design, engineering and so on).

Brand Design Brief Template | HQ Template Documents
Brand Design Brief Template | HQ Template Documents from melissazalinski.com
The first section of your design brief should be an overview of your business. A design brief is a project management document outlining the specifics of a design project. If you're the founder, talk about what inspired you to start your business and what your initial goals were.

Your brief will form the foundation for your interior design project, encompassing not only your likes and dislikes but your hopes, dreams and expectations for your interior space.

It documents the goals of the project and starts the plan for how you'll get there. Think of it as like a business plan for a specific project. A design brief is a document used to outline the key elements and deliverables for creative work. A design brief is a written document that businesses use to communicate their requirements with a handful of selected design agencies.