40+ Death Star Interior

40+ Death Star Interior. All death stars must start with a floor base. The finished wall (part 2) is here:

1/6th Scale STAR WARS DEATH STAR INTERIOR Ikea DETOLF ... from i.ebayimg.com
The first death star is stated to be more than 100 km to 160 km in diameter, depending on source. But the emperor and imperial officers like grand moff tarkin underestimated the tenacity of the rebel alliance, who refused to bow to this technological terror…. Most of the space inside the death star is devoted to systems required to maintain the superlaser, propulsion system and hypermatter reactor.

Those areas closest to the surface were built with concentric decks with artificial gravity oriented towards the death star's core.

The full map will be done relatively soon, but since i don't know when, i knew it wouldn't be right to continuously keep you all waiting. This was my 1st attempt at making a star wars themed /death star man cave. The death star was almost lost for all time, but through a series of coincidences and foresight by some dedicated people along the way, it survives to this day. This 3d model was originally created with sketchup 13 and then converted to all other 3d formats.