Get Kriss Vector 9Mm

Get Kriss Vector 9Mm. Like the original, the 9mm vector uses ubiquitous glock magazines, accepting. Chambered in.45acp and 9mm, the kriss vector is compatible with the ubiquitous glock magazine.

KRISS 9mm CRB - Victor Vector | RECOIL
KRISS 9mm CRB - Victor Vector | RECOIL from
Delayed blowback patented kriss super v system. Kriss usa kv90cap20 vector gen ii crb 9mm luger 16 17+1 alpine white cerakote 6 position stock. It has a 6.5 barrel and matte black finish.

The.45 acp vector has always been a cool subgun, but the kriss vector 9mm really shines.

Even though the vector i was using was chambered in a light recoiling round like 9mm, i. Available for 9mm and.45acp vector sdp, sbr, and smg. The kriss vector for sale series are a family of weapons based upon the parent submachine gun. The vector crb is the ideal choice for recreational use and competition in pistol caliber carbine divisions.